About us

We are Flora and Fred, digital nomads and visual storytellers. We met in Berlin as we were both volunteering for the same project, and soon we realised that we share the same interest for photography. We left our jobs and started to travel to build up a new life where we could combine our passion for photo and video with the strong desire to be working together, independent and free.

We get inspired by the beautiful people we meet along our way, and we like to think that every project is bringing us new friends.

Watch our image film.


“It’s not that often that people want to meet strangers to do a shooting and that was my first couple shooting. The fact that you did know where to go (the spots, the location) was very professional and reassuring for us. To me, you really made myself comfortable.”

Marion (France)


“For our first shooting we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. You both made us feel comfortable, appreciated our ideas and were willing to try them. The photos are stunning, we can’t stop looking at them. We are really grateful to have had this shoot.”

Lina and Ben (Germany)


“We have never had a thought of having couple “professional photos” till we met Fred and Flora. Thanks to them, we have the prettiest pictures of us being together. They did a magical job of capturing our moments of happiness. The whole photoshoot experience was smooth and effortless for us with so much fun. They even found and suggested for us some really good shooting scenery in Hanoi — our native city — that we were not even aware of. We wholeheartedly recommend having couple picture taken by Fred&Flora <3 <3”

Huong and Luong (Vietnam)